Smoothstack Helps Partner Meet Unique Microsoft Developer Requirements

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One of our biggest clients was working on a complex, highly technical project. On short notice, the project requirements changed. Our client needed to rapidly add ten more tech professionals who met a unique and challenging Microsoft developer profile.

Adding these skilled resources on short notice presented a major challenge. Our client didn’t have the required Microsoft-trained technical personnel on their roster, and it wasn’t possible to acquire talent to meet their specific needs via traditional sourcing channels.

Smoothstack stepped in to rapidly deliver the job-ready Microsoft developers required.

The Challenge: Skilled Microsoft Devs Needed

When the scale of their project increased, our partner found themselves on a compressed timeline. They had to deploy new proficient developers as rapidly as possible in order to keep the project on track. 

Aside from proficiency in the Microsoft Dynamics platform, our partner needed talent that possessed expertise and experience in:

  • Dynamic customization development
  • .NET frameworks
  • C# development
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure architecture

With traditional modalities, hiring and training ten professionals who fit the bill would have taken far too long – with no guarantee of success. The skills profile was so unique that finding these people would have proved very difficult, adding pressure across the board.

The Solution: Custom-Trained Microsoft Developers with Smoothstack

Realizing they would struggle to source ten skilled professionals within a short window, our partner turned to Smoothstack to fulfill their challenging Microsoft developer requirements.

Through close collaboration with our partner, we successfully piloted an innovative, agile review and selection process. We accelerated time-to-market, eliminated the need for 1:1 interviews, and saved at least 14 hours of screening.

Our training specialists designed an immersive custom curriculum based on our partner’s MSFT requirements. We sourced, screened, and hired ten Microsoft developers as Smoothstack W-2 employees.

After careful and rigorous recruitment, the selected cohort underwent a 12-week immersive training program based on our partner’s specified tech stack. By the end of the program, we delivered ten Microsoft developers who were fully acquainted with the partner’s current technologies. The fresh personnel was successfully deployed to the project, delivering impressive output and productivity from day one.

The Result: “Great Success!”

Smoothstack’s Hire-Train-Deploy model enabled our partner to meet their accelerated project demands by swiftly bringing in professionals who fit a highly specific Microsoft developer profile. 

The feedback on all of our resources was highly positive. One of the project leads reported that our immersive and intensive 12-week training program proved to be a “great success!” 

Hire The Right Tech Talent with Smoothstack

Via our successful Hire-Train-Deploy model, Smoothstack helps enterprises across verticals fulfill their personnel needs – not only with skilled Microsoft developers but with full-stack Java developers and a variety of other specialists.

We take the best and brightest undiscovered developers, custom-train them to a company’s tech stack, and deploy them on a contract-to-hire basis. We are so confident in our model that we cover the entire recruitment, assessment, hiring, and training investment – until our developers arrive ready to work on day one. 

Our Hire-Train-Deploy model is so well-calibrated that, after placement with a client, our retention rate is 98%. Just over 90% of our developers transition to FTE. We collaborate with a range of F500 partners, and our program is Department of Labor-registered (RAP).

Smoothstack has worked with many of the world’s leading tech organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. We accelerate their tech pipelines by filling mission-critical positions with tech talent that is productive from the moment they join the team.

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