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We Train the Right Tech Talent for Your Team in as little as 8 weeks.

You’re changing the world. You’re working on technology that has outpaced the market, and you need to modernize and integrate your tech stack.

The tech talent pool is small, especially for new and emerging technologies like AI or specialized development skillsets. And recruiting tech talent comes with its own set of challenges. Plus, traditional recruiting doesn’t guarantee qualified candidates. You need to hire tech talent that doesn’t exist (yet) and you need them now.

We’ll make the right tech talent exist for you. We work with you to learn your needs, understand your tech stack, and quickly train teams to step right in.

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How We Build Net-New Talent For Your Team

The right talent is out there.

Too many talented people are missing out on opportunities they deserve. And that means companies like yours are missing out on talented people.

We find them. We train them for what you need. And then you can start hiring tech professionals based on the most important concept: merit.

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You’ll Benefit by Leveraging Our Tech Talent

The right skills for your needs might not exist. But the right people do. We’ll help you partner with net-new talent by:

  • Identifying capable people — regardless of resume
  • Vetting qualified candidates — find the right person for your company culture
  • Training them on your customized curriculum — we give them the equivalent of 3-5 years experience

This unique approach to talent upskilling gives you the added benefit of:

  • Access to technology talent not yet available on the market
  • Risk reduction on hiring costs and attrition
  • Scalability to future-proof your team
  • Proven results from other F500 companies
What is Smoothstack’s Hire-Train-Deploy Model? This video walks you through the process.

Case Study

42 Custom-Trained Tech Workers in as little as 8 weeks

A global systems integration client needed 40+ tech professionals with AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Salesforce technical skills and certifications — plus several other stringent restrictions.

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Case Study

On Short Notice We Onboarded 10 Developers

Our client didn’t have the required Microsoft-trained tech team and their regular talent acquisition sources weren’t available. Smoothstack tech recruitment charged ahead and the developers were deployed on schedule.

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