About Smoothstack

Stacked for Success

Smoothstack is a powerful partner for your digital transformation and beyond.

IT Employment Equity Starts with Smoothstack

As an MBE-certified Business, Diversity is in our DNA

Creating real DEI change takes more than box-checking initiatives. It takes mission-driven, progressive partners passionate about creating bias-free opportunities.

Smoothstack’s merit-based approach to recruiting and training individuals fuels meaningful career growth for diverse talent – all while driving DEI progress for its clients.

Diverse Workforce

72% of all Smoothstackers fall under one or more diversity groups.

Ethnic Diversity

Smoothstack’s tech talent is currently just over 51% minority.

What We Stand For

Every business decision we make is driven by a shared commitment to our purpose


To create a bias-free meritocracy


To transform lives by creating access, building equity, and launching technology careers to serve the world’s best companies and agencies

The Smoothstack Story

Our origins as our own first customer

With roots in IT consulting, we needed access to talent with specific capabilities and experience in emerging technologies to support our practice areas. Unable to find the resources we needed at scale, we built our own talent pool, using a proprietary process to evaluate, hire, and train talent.

We were so successful in meeting our own needs that we decided to offer a Hire-Train-Deploy solution to our clients and partners. To date, we have deployed over 2,500 technologists to government agencies and enterprise organizations.

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The Values that Power the Smoothstack Team

We fuel our culture in three big ways.

Act with integrity

Be client obsessed

Take care of your colleagues

Let’s Build Your Team

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