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Get custom-skilled tech talent trained on the platforms that matter most to your business.

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Hire Net-New Talent Skilled in In-Demand Technology

Your custom tech stack demands expertise in multiple technologies and platforms. Your team needs to be experts in them, and in integrating that technology into your business goals.

Through our technology partnerships, Smoothstack takes high-aptitude aspiring software engineers and immerses them in an intensive upskilling program matching our clients’ technology environment. By combining Smoothstack’s proven recruiting methodology with leading technology partners, our training program produces teams of skilled software engineers with the equivalency of 2-3 years of experience in as little as 8 weeks.

It’s how you ensure that your tech teams are skilled in everything you need.

Success Story

Created 42 Custom-Trained Talent in 12 Weeks

A global systems integration client needed 40+ talent with AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Salesforce skills and certifications — plus several other stringent restrictions.

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Where Leading Technologies Meet the Best People

The right technology is right there. So are the right people.

Too many talented people are missing out on opportunities they deserve. And that means companies like yours are missing out on talented people.

We find them. We train them for what you need. We train them for your unique tech stack. You get access to a team ready to work.

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Engineers Become Full-Time

Smoothstack’s Hire-Train-Deploy model.

You’ll Benefit by Hiring the Right Tech Talent

If you’re struggling to find tech talent with the right skills to meet your needs, Smoothstack is your solution.

We’ll help you hire the right tech talent by:

  • Identifying capable people – regardless of resume.
  • Vetting qualified candidates – find the right person for your company culture.
  • Training them on your customized curriculum – we give them the equivalent of 3-5 years experience.

This unique approach to talent upskilling gives you the added benefit of:

  • Access to technology talent not yet available on the market
  • Risk reduction on hiring costs and attrition
  • Scalability to future-proof your team
  • Proven results from other F500 companies

Let’s Build Your Team

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