Skilled Tech Teams for The Semiconductor Industry

Leveling the playing field for access to net-new semiconductor tech talent.

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Our Approach to Finding Talent

We source candidates differently from traditional workforce solutions and staffing agencies, tapping into unconventional pools such as early-career developers, transitioning military and veterans, and overlooked individuals.

Our success is driven by the SixStack™ selection methodology, pinpointing high-aptitude individuals who can develop essential skill sets for your roles.

Our SixStack™ methodology establishes key, baseline components proven to accelerate training, increase retention, and provide a higher equivalency, skilled technical resource. Whether it’s software engineers or process technicians—we deliver results.

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When it comes to finding skilled talent for the high-tech manufacturing environment, Smoothstack is your solution.

We bridge the gap between capable job seekers and the skills required to meet the productivity demands the semiconductor industry faces. Our Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) workforce solutions model gives you direct access to new technical talent at scale.

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How We Deliver Top Tech Talent

IT Talent

We tailor our software engineer training to match your system configurations. Our 12-week immersive program features live agile environments, producing tech talent with 2-3 years’ experience.

Upon completion, your custom-trained IT resources seamlessly integrate into your teams.


Our in-person, instructor-led training for process and equipment technicians runs five days a week, 40 hours per week, for a maximum of 10 weeks. Participants must meet milestones, perform required onsite tasks, and demonstrate productivity.

Upon completion, clients gain access to fully vetted tech talent teams trained to your processes, comfortable in your environment, and equipped with proven skills for accelerated productivity.

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