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Everyone should have access to tech job opportunities, regardless of their background, education, or experience.

That’s where Smoothstack comes in.

We help aspiring software developers get the skills and training they need to fast-track their way to an incredible career in technology.

Smoothstack vs. the Traditional IT Career Path

In the technology industry, the right skills make all the difference. We hire growth-minded individuals, give them the skills and training they need to be Day One ready, and then mentor them for two years while deployed on client projects.

It’s the fastest way to break into the competitive IT industry.

Here’s a few reasons why:

In-demand skills

What our developers learn in as little as 8 weeks takes junior developers 2-3 years on the job. The secret is our immersive training program.

Employer connections

Whether it’s Fortune 500 companies or top government agencies, Smoothstack partners with the most sought-after employers.

Pathway to promotion

Entry-level developers wait years to work on mission-critical projects, while our developers are hired specifically for them.

Technology certifications

Smoothstack developers get certified on the top technology solutions from Salesforce, Databricks, and more.


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How We Help Transitioning Military

Those who serve in the armed forces need a talent partner who can help them bridge the gap between military and civilian employment. Smoothstack understands how to apply the critical skills gained through military deployment to an IT career. We put our commitment to active military and veterans into action by participating in programs like the DoD SkillBridge initiative.

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Take the Next Step Towards Your Career Goals

The Smoothstack team is passionate about helping under-served, under-represented, and under-employed individuals interested in IT get on a path to success. All it takes is applying to our training program. Get in touch with our team to start your journey with Smoothstack.

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