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SAP + Smoothstack

It’s easy to see why SAP is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the business software ecosystem. Now, take your investment in the world’s leading ERP platform further, faster with custom-trained developers from Smoothstack.

Only a certified SAP partner like Smoothstack can develop net-new, certified SAP talent at scale, ensuring fully qualified, highly productive resources from Day One.

Raise Your SAP IQ

Smoothstack gives you easy, predictable access to SAP talent, hired and trained just for you.

How do we do it? Tell us how many developers you need and when you need them. We’ll hire, custom-train, and deploy a team in as little as 8 weeks.

What you get are experts that understand how to get the most out of SAP within your specific tech stack.

Recruit exceptional SAP engineers and developers who are starting their careers or who have been overlooked

1. Hire. Recruit, vet, and hire early-career developers dedicated to a specific client.

2. Train. Build a custom training environment and upskill program cohorts using our proprietary Six Stack process over 12 weeks.

3. Deploy. Upon completion of training, the custom-trained team is ready to begin work.

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Unlock Your SAP Potential

With SAP, business operations are seamlessly integrated, processes are powered by automation, and employees are equipped to leverage advanced analytics and AI. Smoothstack’s custom-trained team can make it happen.

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