A New Way to Build Your Tech Talent Workforce

Engage teams who are skilled in in-demand technologies and trained for your specific needs. It is talent built for you and at no risk to you.

Hire-Train-Deploy: How We Develop the Right Tech Talent

1000s of resumes. Hundreds of people with good resumes. But how do you know if they’re the right fit? In your case, the candidate with the right skills might not even exist. Traditional recruiting methods won’t look beyond the surface.

There’s a different approach. The perfect candidate with the perfect resume might not exist. Let’s think differently.

We find the perfect person and train them to be your perfect talent.

That’s how hire-train-deploy works. We hire bright, capable people and quickly train them with the exact skills you need — and then deploy them on your projects with skills equivalent to 2-3 years of experience.

Instead of digging, let’s build.

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Close the Digital Skills Gap

Custom Skilling For Whatever Your Cutting-Edge Tech Demands

There’s a real gap in technology talent. Technology is rapidly changing, and traditional methods of education and training aren’t keeping up. The bottom line? There aren’t enough people with the specific skills and experience needed to meet your needs.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Smoothstack creates talent that is EXACTLY what you need.

  • Identify capable minds — regardless of resume
  • Vet qualified applicants — find the right person for your company culture
  • Train to your customized curriculum — we give them the equivalent of 3-5 years experience

The right talent is out there. Smoothstack turns them into your workforce.

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Stack Your IT Deck

Don’t start from scratch. We’re experts in your industry, so we’ll hit the ground running — meeting and even accelerating your timetable.

Case Study

Created 42 Custom-Trained Talent in 12 Weeks

A global systems integration client needed 40+ talent with AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Salesforce skills and certifications — plus several other stringent restrictions.

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Diversify the Tech Sector by Upskilling Bright Minds

Our merit-based program finds the right people, who may not have had the opportunities they deserve. We look beyond the resume, and see the person.

We’re finding great minds here in the U.S. — and simply upskilling them to meet your exact needs. It’s why our cohorts are naturally diverse.

Build Better with Smoothstack

We’ll create highly-skilled tech talent perfectly aligned to your digital initiatives.