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Smoothstack opportunity a new future a dream career

Across America, young, ambitious software engineers are ready to start their career in tech. They have the raw skills, and they’re ready to work hard – but they need formal experience, mentors, and access to top employers.

Does this sound like you? Are you looking to convert desire and aptitude into a clear career path?

How It Works

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You discover the Smoothstack opportunity and submit your application

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We assess your current coding capabilties with a coding challenge

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We get to know one another within our merit-based system and determine together if the Smoothstack opportunity is right for you

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If it’s a match, you’re hired and we start paying you a training wage, with full benefits

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Over 12–14 exciting weeks, you and your new team enjoy intensive, creative, real-world training

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We deploy you to one of our projects at a Fortune 500 company and your career begins

Get the Inside Scoop from Smoothstack Software Engineers

Hear directly from some of our graduates on how Smoothstack transformed their life and career.

Launch Your Career with Smoothstack - Real Stories

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Is Smoothstack right for me?

The baseline skills and markers required for acceptance are:

  • Pre-existing coding skills and a passion for learning.
  • A collaborative, end-user mindset.
  • The ability to quickly pick-up different programming languages.

Ready to learn



Team Player

What Character Attributes Do I Need?

We are a fierce meritocracy. As long as you possess these qualities, nothing else matters.

Ready to learn



Team Player

Smoothstack is Bias-free

We are passionate about giving anyone who is willing to work hard an opportunity to flourish – regardless of race, gender, or any other characteristic. We are proud that our recruiting and training practices naturally produce highly diverse teams.


Diverse Workforce


72% of all Smoothstackers fall under one or more diversity groups.


Ethnic Diversity


Smoothstack’s tech talent is currently just over 51% minority.

Career Opportunities

Launch Your Career as Junior Software Engineer

Do you…

  • Possess existing coding skills and a passion for programming?
  • Want to work hard to jumpstart your career?
  • Have a collaborative mindset?
  • Want to expand your technical capability and execute on kickass projects?

Smoothstack launches careers in …

  • PythonPython
  • Ai/MLAI/ML
  • JavaJava
  • .NET.NET
  • CybersecurityCybersecurity
  • CloudCloud
  • SalesforceSalesforce
  • and more
  • PythonPython
  • Ai/MLAI/ML
  • JavaJava
  • .NET.NET
  • CybersecurityCybersecurity
  • CloudCloud
  • SalesforceSalesforce
  • and more

Looking for a Different Type of Opportunity?

We also have corporate and consultant roles where we’re seeking skilled, talented people to join the team. If Smoothstack looks right for you, please hit apply!