A Scalable Approach to Telecom Tech Talent Recruitment

Digital transformation in the telecommunications industry is a moving target. Only Smoothstack can keep up.

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Smoothstack Helps Telcos Push the (Digital) Edge

There are expected to be more than 50 billion connected devices by 2025, forcing telecommunications companies to find innovative ways to harness the power of 5G—and even 6G—infrastructure. Other priorities include innovations like quantum computing and xRAN, and meeting consumer needs around trust and IT security.

It all takes technology teams that can move these initiatives forward. Our Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) workforce solutions model connects you with the right technical talent that can help you scale your digital progress.

Let’s Build Your Telco Talent Pipeline

What makes Smoothstack different is that we’ve developed a model that actually overcomes the tech talent shortage. It starts with sourcing candidates like early-career developers, transitioning military and veterans, and overlooked individuals. We then hire and custom-train them to your specifications based on the skills you need, the tools you use, and the platforms that run your business. What we deliver to you is a newly trained team that can get the job done, with immediate ROI on day one.

How Smoothstack Meets the Telco Industry’s Tech Talent Needs

You need tech talent trained specifically on the technologies and platforms in your environment.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Recruit early-career software engineers, transitioning military and veterans, or other high-aptitude individuals who may have been overlooked for roles
  • Hire top talent using our SixStackTM screening and selection process
  • Train group of cohorts in as little as 8 weeks based on client’s unique tech stack in a mirrored live agile environment
  • Deploy and onboard local, virtual, or relocated team designed to seamless integrate with client’s resources

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