Write the Right Job Descriptions to Attract Veterans

Prashanth Ramakrishnan
Write the Right Job Descriptions to Attract Veterans

Usually, a lot of time and attention is spent perfecting a job description. Your goal is to explain the position and requirements while showcasing why the candidate should apply. This method works for most candidates, but an important audience might be left out. If you’re trying to attract veterans to your workplace, consider these suggestions.

Make the responsibilities clear

What may be a commonplace responsibility to you may seem like a foreign language to a veteran? Be clear when listing what’s involved with the job, going into as much detail as possible. This way a veteran can easily understand what the position entails and the expectations.

Include a statement about your commitment to veterans

Showing veterans, they’re welcome at your company is a great way to get them to apply. By listing your commitment demonstrated by previous hires and programs, you’re creating a space where they know they can adjust to civilian life. Whether it’s a hiring program in your company or dedication to serving your community’s veterans, make sure your commitment to them is clear.

Chance to help others

A veteran comes into the workforce with a service-focused mindset and will be attracted to a position with this opportunity. It could be actual service projects, employees helping employees or mentoring projects. No matter what it is, make your passion for service clear.

Translate skills

A common miscommunication between employers and veterans is the language they speak. They may be talking about the same skills, but with both using different words, they think they’re misaligned. Instead of focusing on how you would describe the skills needed, learn more about the military translations and equivalents. By doing this, a veteran will already know they are qualified, and it will make the conversations in the interview easier as well.

Show military connections

If you contract with a government or military organization, include that in the description. A veteran will see that and perceive it as a good way to connect and use their military experience as they transition into a civilian career.

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