Are Your Tech Employees Quitting Left and Right? Let’s Evaluate

Prashanth Ramakrishnan
Are Your Tech Employees Quitting Left and Right? Let’s Evaluate

While turnover is a normal part of business, sometimes you notice seasons where employees seem to leave at higher rates. It’s easy to immediately assume it’s a generational issue or just a normal ebb and flow. Instead of remaining ignorant of the reasons, evaluate these questions to see why your tech employees are leaving.

Are you paying enough?

The good news is 70 percent of IT professionals are satisfied in their position. The bad news is nearly 67 percent feel they aren’t compensated properly. Most IT professionals who plan to look for a new job are leaving to seek new money, regardless of their generation.

To make sure you’re offering fair compensation, evaluate the average salaries for different levels in your region and compare to your current amounts. This way you can ensure your salaries aren’t the reason your team members are leaving or you can course correct if you find it might be the issue.

Is your team challenged?

When it comes to desiring new skills, it is more common for millennials to seek different positions to help expand their knowledge base. Older generations are more comfortable, but 63 percent of GenXers and 49 percent of baby boomers still consider this essential.

Pay attention to the trends IT professionals are interested in, like cybersecurity, and work with them to keep them motivated and dedicated to their work. If you give them opportunities to grow, they may be more inclined to stay at your company.

Do you support work-life balance?

The desire for work-life balance isn’t just a millennial preference. In fact, Gen Xers are the most likely to search for a new position with better balance. Thinking about how often your employees are required to work and see if there are ways you can add more flexibility, including telecommuting options.

Too often employees will feel like they don’t have the proper time to enjoy themselves or relax when they aren’t working, meaning you’ll find yourself with unhappy employees looking for employment somewhere else.

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