What’s It Really Like to Work for a Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) Company

What’s It Really Like to Work for a Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) Company

In today’s digital business world, technology is a fast-growing, high-potential career path. However, despite significant demand for talent, many new graduates, early-career technology professionals, and transitioning military personnel find themselves falling short when it comes to employer requirements around specific experience, certifications, and education.

Those looking to successfully launch their careers should consider working with a Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) company like Smoothstack. HTD providers offer a unique solution to bridge the skills and experience gap and connect job seekers to meaningful work opportunities.

What sets HTDs apart is their inclusive approach – individuals don’t need a formal computer science degree to get a job as an entry-level software engineer or developer. Instead, anyone with existing coding skills and a passion for programming is encouraged to apply to start the process.

Application. Once an individual submits an online application, Smoothstack’s process begins with a candidate assessment. This includes a coding challenge, a technical review with one of our recruiters and a quick course.

Quick Course. Select candidates are invited to participate in a voluntary 1-2 week unpaid training course funded by Smoothstack. This is an opportunity for individuals to gain exposure to broad-based technical skills and evaluate whether a job with Smoothstack is right for them.  It also provides an opportunity for Smoothstack to determine whether individuals are a good fit for a full-time role. Whether or not an individual continues with Smoothstack, the training course provides them with a head start on their journey as a software engineer.

Employment. Top candidates are then hired as Smoothstack employees in the role of a consultant. As with any contract, the HTD employment contract is designed to protect both parties and should be fully understood by new hires.

Training. Once hired, Smoothstack consultants undergo a 10-12 week training program custom-designed for a specific client. Here consultants gain the skills, certifications, and experience needed to meet the client’s exact technical needs.

Deployment. Upon completion of training, Smoothstack consultants present a capstone project demonstrating expertise to the client. They are then deployed, remotely or onsite, continuing to be supported as needed by the Smoothstack team through the length of the client engagement.

There are several distinct advantages to being employed by an HTD company vs. a more traditional employment route of working on an in-house tech team.

  • Get paid to learn—once hired, employees are paid a reduced hourly wage while in training
  • Accelerated learning environment; laying the groundwork for a successful career
  • Ability to be certified in top technologies like AWS, Salesforce, Databricks, ServiceNow, MuleSoft, or Pega
  • Access to a supportive community of peers and mentors
  • Opportunity to work on exciting projects with top U.S. companies or the federal government

Here’s a bit more about those benefits, and how they come together to create a truly unique professional experience that fuels career growth.

Smoothstack consultants are paid for their participation in our 10-12 week training program. This gives them the financial support they need to fully devote themselves to developing the right tech skills. This immersive approach produces real results: the skill level of consultants upon completion of our training is equivolent to what some may gain in 2-3 years of real-world experience.

This accelerated learning environment allows developers to jumpstart their careers much faster than their peers who take a traditional entry-level role at an organization.

The completion of the training program and project work earns Smoothstack developers more than just the experience alone. Consultants have the opportunity to obtain industry and technology-specific certifications, if requested by our clients or consultants themselves.

The coursework for our training programs is tailored to a specific technology environment, based on a client’s needs and requirements. This means our consultants are afforded the opportunity to become certified experts in a top technology like Salesforce, Databricks, or Pega.

These credentials boost the credibility and employability of Smoothstack’s consultants throughout their careers. And, for those looking to obtain a college degree, software engineers who complete Smoothstack’s training and apprenticeship program can receive up to 49 college credits for their experience.

Smoothstack consultants often work directly in Fortune 500 or federal agency environments, collaborating with seasoned professionals on hands-on projects. This exposure enhances technical skills and cultivates crucial teamwork and collaboration abilities. And, it also gives our consultants the opportunity to get their foot in the door with the top companies who engage us for talent.

Working for an HTD company like Smoothstack presents unparalleled opportunities for aspiring tech professionals. With innovative training programs, real-world experience, and accelerated career growth opportunities, HTD companies like Smoothstack eliminate the traditional barriers to tech employment and allows individuals to gain access to successful IT careers.

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