5 Transferable Skills Veterans Bring to Your Tech Firm

Prashanth Ramakrishnan
5 Transferable Skills Veterans Bring to Your Tech Firm

Over the past decade, more companies have committed to hiring veterans. Because of this, unemployment rates for veterans have decreased from 9 percent to 4 percent. These businesses recognize all the skills the military professionals bring to an organization. Even with these success stories, you might still be unsure of taking more initiative in hiring veterans. If you’re still on the fence, consider these five transferable skills veterans can bring to your tech firm.


In the military, you learn to lead, and take initiative when required. Many young hires might just be stepping into the shoes of authority and determining their leadership style or realizing they aren’t really leaders at all. When you bring on a veteran, you don’t need to worry about them being shy or unsure of leading – you know they’ve got it covered.

Technical skills

It might not be the same technology your company is using, but veterans have the ability to adapt quickly to new equipment. When they first enter their branch of the military, they have to learn new software and equipment associated with their position. As they continue their career, new programs are added, and their skills constantly need to evolve with the technology.


Few things can be more frustrating than an employee who doesn’t quite understand how to use their brain. Instead of thinking about a solution, they give up and ask for immediate assistance. When working with veterans, you know you have a team member dedicated to finding answers. Problem-solvers see situations differently and only need assistance as a last resort. Because of this ability to think through changes and issues, you can count on a veteran to help find new solutions and procedures.

Communication skills

Communication when you’re deployed in hostile territories can be the difference between life and death. Military personnel are taught how to handle themselves in all situations to keep everyone safe and informed. While your technology company is less dangerous than active duty, the necessity for good communication remains.

Working under pressure

Finally, with a veteran you know you have an employee who can handle a stressful environment. They understand real pressure and how to remain cool and calm. If things get crazy at your firm, you can trust they’ll continue holding themselves together and helping however possible without a hint of panic.

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