Smoothstack Reviews Your Career in the Cloud

Boris Kuiper
Smoothstack Reviews Your Career in the Cloud

It used to be that saying someone’s head was in the clouds was not necessarily positive.  Now everyone’s heads are in the cloud, or at least their data is. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since Salesforce implemented the first cloud application. Amazon was also an early adopter, but not until three years after Salesforce.  According to Markets and Markets, the market size for cloud was $371.4 billion in 2020 and growing at a rate of about 17.5% compounded annually. Originally the cloud was just the place where you backed up your data.  Most of us have used Google Drive and Apple iCloud to save space on our computer’s hard drive. Now it’s not just your data that you can access through the cloud; the new trend is to move actual applications to the cloud.  Microsoft’s Office 365, Adobe, and Google’s G-Suite are just the tip of the iceberg regarding where cloud computing is going.

Smoothstack Reviews Building in the Cloud

There are lots of opportunities in the cloud. From 2018 to 2021, Indeed reported that cloud computing jobs increased by 42%. Developing and maintaining clouds requires a diverse team of specialists. The traditional titles for developers and software engineers are part of cloud jobs, but there are many new job titles; Platform Engineer / Cloud Architects, Cloud Administrators, and Cloud Security Analysts / Engineers are some of the latest titles. 

Cloud architects build the cloud infrastructure and make sure that it can integrate with various functions. Cloud administrators develop, enforce and update policies. They define the rules for how employees and users access cloud services.  Administrators also establish security protocols and procedures, monitor, ensure uptime, and assess the need for technology updates.

Cloud security analysts make sure the company or user is safe from cyberattacks or hacking.  Cloud consultants are in sales and who find systems/storage solutions for companies.

Software engineers develop new software that functions entirely in the cloud, as opposed to on your computer. Cloud is becoming the standard for most software development.

Smoothstack Reviews the Future of Cloud

The cloud isn’t going to replace all our software applications, but it will move those things we use most from the office to the cloud.  Software as a Service (SaaS) applications has almost doubled in use since 2018.   For most organizations, the cloud will be part of some hybrid solution. 

With the Internet of Things, connected devices are going to be almost entirely cloud-focused.  This is also going to generate mountains of data that will, in turn, create more jobs.  Someone must look at all of this.

The cloud is also going to be essential to most security applications going forward.  The risk to individuals and corporations alike continues to grow annually.  Multi-factor authentication through various cloud sources is going to be the standard in years to come.  Almost 60% of all businesses are currently using MFA as part of their security strategy.  This number is only going to go up.

If you want to move past being a cloud user and have a career in cloud technology, Smoothstack would like to help you develop the skills necessary to compete in this growing career field.

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