Military to Tech: How to Successfully Change Jobs

John Akkara
Military to Tech: How to Successfully Change Jobs

Transitioning from military life to a civilian tech career presents a number of challenges, but all are easily overcome with the right plan. Instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed, try the following suggestions to make the process as painless as possible.

Learn to tell your story like a civilian

What you accomplished in the military, from programs you wrote to squads you led, to your rank, doesn’t always translate to a civilian workplace. Because of this, you might be a good fit for a position, but employers won’t understand it based on the language you typically use.

To do this, you might have to network and spend time with professionals in the field you’re pursuing to master this translation of skills and perfect your elevator pitch so it’s in a language understood by all.

This dedication even comes down to your resume. You want to make sure you’re highlighting your skills in civilian form, while also making sure you’ve tailored each resume to the job you’re applying for. This way, the employer will see all you’ve accomplished and why you’re a good fit for the position.

Ask for help

Once hired, it’s going to be a strange transition to the standard workweek depending on your military experience. You’ll also face a new reality of having a boss when perhaps you’ve been on your own for some time. On top of all of that, you’re learning a new position in a completely different world. Instead of feeling incapable, ask for help. Your co-workers are there to aid in your adjustment period and make sure you feel comfortable in the role.

Seek training

Don’t let your current skills limit your aspirations. There are many opportunities, like peer mentoring, training and certifications that can prepare you for a new career. Whether it’s advancing in the military or advancing your career, the only one holding you back is you if you won’t work for what you want.

Make the transition and thrive

If you’re active military or a veteran and looking to shift into an IT career, Smoothstack has the innovative route you want to transition into civilian life. You have the work ethic and leadership skills that tech employers are looking for, and our 12-week program bridges the gap. As a veteran-led organization, we know how hard transitioning can be, and we’re here to make it easy and successful for you. If you’re interested, get in touch with Smoothstack today to learn more.


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