End of Summer Incentive Ideas For Your Tech Employees

Prashanth Ramakrishnan
End of Summer Incentive Ideas For Your Tech Employees

Statistically speaking, summer months can be some of the slowest and most unproductive times for businesses, depending on what your company does. For many tech companies, the dog days of summer pass through and your employees are happy to have warmer weather even if they still have to work inside. As the end approaches, restlessness can set in when they remember winter is close. Instead of letting the end of summer bring your team down, try these three ideas to incentivize their work life.

Reconsider the 9 to 5

While the eight-hour workday is standard fair, it isn’t the best method for every employee. Even those who work it without issue may find themselves falling into the almost-fall doldrums as the mornings begin to chill. An easy way to change the schedule without affecting productivity is to have days that are structured around tasks, not hours.

Instead of changing the hours for a week, try scheduling specific tasks for employees to complete on a selected day without giving them structured time limits. This way they can work starting whenever and at their chosen pace, giving them control. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to end their workday sooner and enjoy the last days of summer.

Keep them active

Lives get a little slower once summer passes, especially if you live in a climate that endures winter weather. Even the end of summer can see this decline, with less cookouts. Instead of a slowdown in the workplace, try scheduling activities to keep employees moving.

A popular option is to bring yoga classes into the office. This type of exercise provides both physical and mental relaxation without causing your employees to break out in a sweat. It can help them refocus on their day and destress, allowing them to be more productive.

Give them a break

Your employees might be saving their time for colder months, but if possible, encourage them to use their time off now. If your tech business is about to get busy, taking a break now might help them return refreshed and ready to take on the madness.

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