Make the Most of Your Vacation Time!

John Akkara
Make the Most of Your Vacation Time!

With the new year around the corner, you’re probably thinking about your vacation time, whether you need to use it up this year or plan a trip for when your time resets. Either way, you’ve earned your vacation time and you want to make the most out of it. Studies show that employees who use their PTO are actually more productive and perform better. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacation time with these tips:

Think through your benefits

Even if you know how many hours you get, that doesn’t mean your first response should be to default to using your time in full-day increments. Ask the right question and learn all the dates given to you by the company, the exact number of days off you receive, as well as flexibility with working longer days or using a half day of vacation time. By knowing exactly how everything works, you can plan your schedule using this knowledge and stretch your PTO further.

Keep it closer to home

Exotic locations are nice, but long travel days with limited time off can mean you’re losing valuable time. Look for destinations near you that require minimal time and travel, meaning you can start your vacation faster and stay away longer.

Extend business trips

Your company sending you on a trip is the perfect way to stretch your vacation. Half of the battle of either coming or going is taken care of, meaning you have more flexibility around your time off.

Celebrate your birthday

Even if you don’t have big birthday plans, a day off to celebrate yourself, even just by sleeping in, can be the perfect treat to help you relax.

Make your plan now

Armed with the knowledge of what next year holds for you, begin making your travel calendar. This way you can see how much time you’re using and where you’re going to stay on target and create a sense of excitement. Plus, a plan means you’re less likely to become burnt out or lose time at the end of the year.

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