Get Ahead While Hiring: Why You Should Hire from Smoothstack

John Akkara
Get Ahead While Hiring: Why You Should Hire from Smoothstack

Traditional recruiting can be a long and drawn out process, meaning you may have vacancies open for months. Not only is this a strain on your team, it can be a strain on your budget as well. It’s even worse when you consider the IT talent shortage. You need high-quality IT talent for your company, yet the pool is a little shallow when it comes to the skills you need. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to this mode of staffing and try Smoothstack.

Your candidates have 1-2 years of experience

We take high-potential university graduates and military personnel through a 12-week program designed to teach and provide in-demand tech skills through training that mirrors your existing stack. When you hire a candidate from us, you’re getting a tech employee who’s ready to start immediately with the experience they need to succeed.

Experience an exclusive pipeline

Never stress about open positions again when you work with Smoothstack. You can think ahead to your openings and what’s changing and dip into our exclusive pipeline of talent. This way, you have the confidence of a properly trained IT professional exactly when you need them.

Support human resources

Partnering with Smoothstack also helps your in-house human resources and recruiters. Having us on standby means we’re here whenever you need us.

We’re constantly evolving

Our immersive program isn’t based on skills and requirements from 10 years ago. We’re constantly working with our clients to learn about what’s next in the world of technology trends and ensuring our candidates are trained with the skills needed in today’s tech landscape.

Hire a team player

An employer who works well as part of a team is one of the most important skills to consider when hiring. We get that, so we guide our participants as they learn how to work together and trust each other. This way, you’re receiving a new hire who knows how to be a team player.

Make the switch from IT staffing

You want the best IT talent and we can provide it through a scalable and sustainable workforce. When you need a new employee, you can trust Smoothstack’s proactive pipeline and diverse candidate pool ready to give you what you need. Connect with us to learn more!


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