7 Habits of Highly Effective Hiring Professionals

Prashanth Ramakrishnan
7 Habits of Highly Effective Hiring Professionals

When you’re on the candidate side of the job-search process, it’s easy to assume hiring is an easy enough job. You simply pick the best resumes, interview the applicants and decide based on who you thought stood out the most. Like most things in life, it isn’t that simple.

A highly effective hiring professional is more than someone who meets with a few candidates and knows the right choice. They spend their time learning how to attract and spot top talent as well constantly improve their own performance. Some of their habits include:

1. They know who they’re looking for

Identifying the right candidate is more than selecting the one with the best experience. A good recruiter knows the vision for a company and keeps that top-of-mind during the whole process. They aren’t necessarily looking for the most qualified applicant; they want someone who can do the job and will fit in with the company culture.

2. They see beyond experience

Part of being a good hiring professional is being an excellent interviewer. They have to read a resume and then ask the right questions to learn more. In a way, it’s like being an investigator. There’s always more of a story and they want to learn everything.

3. They keep learning

An excellent hiring professional isn’t satisfied with always doing everything the same way. They take the time to read and learn about new ways to fill out job descriptions to attract talent. Instead of posting jobs in the usual places, they branch out based on new and upcoming media. It’s their goal to always optimize their own performance.

4. They stay in touch

Instead of letting a rejection be the last communication with a candidate, they remain in contact, sporadically checking in and learning more about their professional progress. They maintain their own professional network because you never know where a great candidate will come from.

5. They can make connections

Rather than see only a list of jobs, a recruiter can see the story beneath the titles and dates. Years of training have taught them to interpret what short stints between jobs or long lapses might mean and how it can affect the candidate’s performance.

6. They don’t wait

Their action doesn’t begin when a position opens up. All their work is focused on bringing in the best to support the mission of the company and allow it to run as effectively as possible. This means they’re considering new positions before other people have even noticed a need.

7. They track everything

Tracking is essential to everything, and a highly efficient hiring professional wants to know how they’ve improved as well as what’s working and what isn’t. This way they can be sure they’re using the most effective methods possible to do their job.

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