Building IT Teams in the Age of Generative AI and More, From Oracle CloudWorld 2023 

Erika Aschmann
Building IT Teams in the Age of Generative AI and More, From Oracle CloudWorld 2023 

Industry conferences are an important way that the Smoothstack team stays on top of the latest innovations and trends in the technology world. Just last month, our team attended Oracle CloudWorld 2023, sparking a discussion about the future of tech – and how we can prepare for the changing needs of our clients as they attempt to reach their digital potential.  

In recent years, Larry Ellison has garnered a lot of attention for his powerful, visionary keynotes. This year’s address brought more of the same, as he unveiled a bold vision of the future of Oracle.   

Within the first few minutes, he mentioned two words that have captivated the tech world and dominated much of his presentation: generative AI. Ellison called it “the most important new technology ever.”  

Generative AI is disrupting nearly all professions, threatening to take away jobs from writers and musicians to medical technicians. Technologists aren’t excluded – large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s Chat GPT can do a lot of things, including write computer code.   

Talent implications of a future tech world built by AI  

As always, adoption of new technologies is on the spectrum.   

Most solutions will continue to be built by human developers, and all technologies that currently exist will continue to need to be implemented and maintained. Case in point: throughout our conversations at the conferences, it’s clear that there’s very high demand for IT talent who can work within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).   

That said, this is just yet another example of the need for technologists to have a reskilling mindset if they intend to build long tech careers.   

If anything, the biggest lesson learned from the conference is that the world of technology moves fast – and will continue to move even faster.   

Changing IT talent requirements  

Another key development related to IT talent worth noting is that of Oracle’s new parameters around talent implementing and maintaining Oracle solutions. 

Businesses will need to factor this certification in when searching for talent or bringing in systems integrators to complete work. We’re excited to be in a position to help the Oracle ecosystem meet upcoming needs within their practices.  

Yet again, it’s a good example of how important it is for businesses to stay in tune with changing talent dynamics. Companies will need to be open to investing in ongoing training and skilling as the market demands it and develop a talent strategy that can keep up.  

My final takeaway of the conference? Oracle’s commitment to being a tech trailblazer is inspiring. We’re looking forward to helping our clients reach their potential with today’s Oracle solutions and beyond.  

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