The Monumental Benefits of Hiring a Veteran

Prashanth Ramakrishnan
The Monumental Benefits of Hiring a Veteran

It’s likely at some point in the hiring process you’ve thought to yourself that good help is hard to find. With a recent survey finding that 80 percent of US businesses planning to add more employees, but executives claiming they can’t find the right candidates, you likely aren’t alone in your thoughts.

Unemployment rates for veterans may have gone down over the last few years, but as of 2017, there were still around one million unemployed veterans looking for work in the United States. That’s a large pool of talent that possesses the unique and important skills you might’ve seen lacking in recent interviews. Here are just a few benefits of hiring veterans:

They understand responsibility

It’s unlikely you’ll assign a task and learn it wasn’t done on time because they didn’t take it seriously. People in the military are trained in the consequences of decision and actually doing their duty.

You can count on them to finish a mission

Being in the military is all about completing missions to the best of your ability. You work with others to get the job done and focus solely on the job at hand. Because you know the role you play in success, you’re dedicated to bettering yourself as well. A veteran comes equipped with this knowledge.

There’s a sense of urgency

Not only can you count on veterans to take the job seriously and complete it, but you can also expect it to be done promptly. They’ve seen the world through a different lens and have developed an urgency to finish their tasks.

Paid education

Because of their service, the government will pay for their education, meaning your hire can continue their professional development and become an even greater asset without costing you a dime.

Support options

In some cases, a veteran might find civilian work similar to what they did in the military, but often there needs to be some training to help them learn and adapt to a new field. Fortunately, there are programs that assist with this to make sure they’re prepared.

Programs like Smoothstack

We see the value in employing our veterans and want you to see it as well. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing them into our 12-week tech talent incubator, so they can leave with one to two years IT experience and the ability to succeed and thrive in a role at your tech firm. We recognize their military accomplishments and want to help transition those skills into a long and successful civilian career. Contact Smoothstack today!

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