5 Easy Steps to Hiring Military Veterans

John Akkara
5 Easy Steps to Hiring Military Veterans

Hiring military veterans presents many benefits to your company, including finding a trained professional who knows how to work with a team and is ready to accept any challenge. Follow these five easy steps to hiring veterans to start the process:

1. Think about what roles in your company will suit a veteran best

Careers are not one size fits all, and while veterans have a lot to offer, they likely aren’t equipped for every opening you have. Think about your opportunities and the skills of veterans, like problem-solving and working under pressure. Set both you and your new veteran hire up for success with this important step.

2. Make your opportunities easy to spot

For veterans to find your job, you want to make it clear you’re looking for them. At the very least, you need to add a section about veterans and your desire to hire them in the job description. For easier attraction, add the words ‘military veteran’ in the title. This makes it easy to find your openings and encourages these candidates to apply.

3. Practice patience in all stages

A military career means your veterans are used to wearing their experience on their uniforms, showing the world where they’ve been for how long and what they’ve accomplished. Without a prepared elevator speech, it’s likely they’ll take more time to articulate what they can do. Instead of being frustrated, be patient and have a list of questions to ask to make the process easier for everyone.

During the interview, you might ask a question and receive a brief answer that doesn’t provide as much detail as you’d like. Remember this is part of their training to answer succinctly, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have more to offer. Follow-up questions are welcomed and important.

4. Ask about professional military education

Outside of what they’ve done through their position in the military, it’s likely your veteran candidate took high-quality continuing education courses. Asking about professional military education, or PME, allows you to learn more about them and the extent of the usable knowledge they possess.

5. Keep the integration process slow

If this is their first corporate job since the military, it’s likely they’ll need time to adjust to a new environment and pace. Don’t rush them into projects or assume they need more or less time. Talk to them every step of the way and assist in the transition process however you can.

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