Get Lucky Hiring: 4 Ways to Fill Your Tech Talent Pipeline


The tech talent shortage won’t come as news to you, but maybe this will – sometimes the solution isn’t a lack of candidates, but your own hiring process. It might not matter who you’re attracting if you’re not enticing them to stay or evaluating them. If this might be your company, try these four ways to fill up your tech talent pipeline.

1. Correctly evaluate skills

When interviewing, you’re always looking for the candidate with the right skills for the position. Unfortunately, other judgments may pop up during the process causing you to not see things clearly. For example, an unconscious bias related to their gender, race, age, or religion could affect your decision-making skills.

One way to overcome this is by using a technical skills test. Instead of going simply on opinion, present each candidate with a test related to the position to see what they can do. Remember in every situation to look at what they can do beyond your first impressions.

2. Stop focusing so much on fitting into your culture

Yes, you want to hire someone who will fit into your team, but that doesn’t mean they need to be exactly like everyone else. Part of culture is blending in people with different backgrounds and personalities and making it work with the larger organization. Focusing on a specific type can lead you to overlook qualified talent.

3. Make it about the relationships

Forget your focus on the transactional aspect – they want a job and you have a job – and focus more on how to build a relationship with the candidate. By making it more about them, you’re giving them a better experience and increasing their interest in working for you. Plus, relationships can benefit you in the long haul.

4. Work with Smoothstack

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