Is a Digital Skills Gap Holding Financial Services Back?

How upskilling, reskilling and hire-train-deploy can help employers in finance transform their digital workforce Rapid digital transformation, security challenges and competitive pressure have put financial services behind the eight ball. Technology (and disruptors) are reshaping the banking industry — and customer expectations. Financial services no longer simply need an IT department that supports day-to-day desktop… Read More »

How to Close the Digital Skills Gap

Three ways to gain the tech skills your business needs to complete projects and stop falling behind. You can’t miss the persistent headlines and LinkedIn posts about it. Almost 60% of employers say not having the right-skilled digital talent has a significant impact on their business. (It’s 73% in financial services!) And of those employers:… Read More »

Bridging the Divide: Strategies to Close the Digital Skills Gap

Methods to Mitigate the Tech Skills Gap In today’s digitally-driven economy, technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace. For a business to successfully navigate this landscape of constant innovation, they need to have a workforce that is skilled in the latest technologies. Unfortunately, there’s a significant mismatch between the demand for specific technical skills and… Read More »