I continue to be really happy. He received a project-wide award which recognizes just 10% of resources for going above and beyond. Our leadership nominated him for it. He is always eager to help other team members. He’s a pleasure to work with and continues to impress.

– Fortune 500 Client

I was looking for a gig where I could use open source technologies and work with AI and machine learning; the talent incubator at SmoothStack opened doors for me to land a job at a Fin-Tech organization in Silicon Valley.

– Ricardo Sanchez, University of Houston

SmoothStack exposed me to technologies that I had only heard about on job interviews and helped bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge I had gained in college to what was really required in the real world.

– David Brown, Ohio State University

The first in my family to graduate college, I didn’t have the support network or connections that many of my friends did. SmoothStack helped me with the mentoring and platform to build my skills and connect with top companies in my area.

– Jennifer Ortiz, University of Miami

SmoothStack changed my career path by giving me the opportunity to get into application development by putting me through their talent incubator.

– Amir Hassan, University of Arizona

Graduating out of a small mid-western university and with job opportunities few and far, I had given up hope of working at a Fortune 100 company before I found Smoothstack. Here, I trained on advanced programming languages and frameworks to give me the break I needed into corporate America.

– Leslie Cummings, University of Nebraska.