What IT Talent Shortage?

Looking for a sustainable and scalable supply of skilled IT talent—without the time-wasting frustrations and mismatches of IT staffing? You’re in the right place.

Smoothstack’s tech talent recruiters don’t play catch up. We fill your hiring pipeline with ready-to-perform talent. Here’s how it works: we provide immersive IT training to high-potential university graduates and military personnel and place them into your critical positions. Because their training mirrors your existing stack exactly, they hit the ground running from day one.

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It’s Different. It’s Better.

Get Predictive

Outpace your IT openings with an exclusive pipeline.

Diversify your Team

Access an exceptional and untapped talent pool.

Help Out HR & TA

Back up your in-house tech talent recruiters.

Make the switch from IT staffing.

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A Collaborative Curriculum

Our immersive training program covers high-demand and emerging stacks, across all areas of enterprise application development, DevOps, and cloud computing.

Need targeted skills? No problem. Smoothstack will customize the program to your exact specs. It’s the perfect approach to plan ahead for major deployments and tech initiatives and bump up your IT talent recruitment results.

Talent Development Expertise

Application Development
Business Analysis
Java AWS
Java DevOps
Java Full Stack
Mobile Development
UI (User Interface)


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