Skills Over Education: The Future of Tech Hiring

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Despite rising inflation and talk of a recession, there remains considerable demand for tech workers. The Great Resignation is impacting the world of tech hiring, as a growing number of tech staff are trading in their current jobs for better opportunities – creating a persistent turnover crisis. According to a Gartner survey, only 29% of… Read More »

5 Ways to Ace Your Tech Job Interview

tech job interview, how to ace job interview

So you got yourself that tech job interview you’ve been seeking? Congratulations! However, in the ever increasingly competitive tech industry, how can you differentiate yourself from all the other fresh tech grads and coding bootcamp finishers? This is crucial as the unemployment rate among tech workers bumped up from 1.7% in July 2022 to 2.3%… Read More »

Smoothstack Helps Partner Meet Unique Microsoft Developer Requirements

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One of our biggest clients was working on a complex, highly technical project. On short notice, the project requirements changed. Our client needed to rapidly add ten more tech professionals who met a unique and challenging Microsoft developer profile. Adding these skilled resources on short notice presented a major challenge. Our client didn’t have the… Read More »

Smoothstack Supplies Large Systems Integrator with Hard-to-Source Tech Personnel

Many of Smoothstack’s most exciting and most dynamic partnerships are with large systems integrators.  Case in point: A large U.S. systems integrator has an engagement with a partner based in Washington, D.C. On short notice, the project requirements changed. Our systems integration partner needed to find specialized software engineers to fill new mission-critical roles –… Read More »

Do Coding Bootcamps Work? That Depends on Your Expectations

do coding bootcamps work

Do coding bootcamps work? At Smoothstack, this is a question we get asked all the time. Lots of people are looking to jumpstart a career in tech, or switch lanes from a non-technology background – and bootcamps can seem like a powerful potential shortcut.  Because developer bootcamps promise students a quick way to acquire the… Read More »

How Federal System Integrators Can Overcome Federal Contract Challenges

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In 2021, over 93% of system integration providers announced plans to increase their workforce. Out of that figure, nearly 79% found the need to hire more staff to deal with the increased volume of work.  Why? Because systems integrators deal with large contracts where the headcount demands are high. This is especially the case for… Read More »

Smoothstack Reviews Your Career in the Clouds

It used to be that saying someone’s head was in the clouds was not necessarily positive.  Now everyone’s heads are in the cloud, or at least their data is. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since Salesforce implemented the first cloud application. Amazon was also an early adopter, but not until three… Read More »

How Do You Develop an Effective Leadership Style?


As a leader, you likely have your default way of handling your employees and conflict. Whether it’s effective or not, it’s what you know. Too often, leaders become stuck in how they automatically lead instead of exploring and mastering different styles. Ultimately, the key to an effective leadership style is learning how to navigate between… Read More »