4 Ways Systems Integrators Can Drive Profitability in 2024 with a Hire-Train-Deploy Approach 

4 Ways SIs Can Drive Profitability in 2024

By all accounts, the most consistent business prediction for 2024 is continued economic uncertainty. Organizations must find a way to balance the difficult economic environment with the need to embrace technology. For many private sector companies, that often means pausing any non-critical projects and bootstrapping a budget. For many public sector organizations, it means forging… Read More »

3 IT Priorities for 2024: ServiceNow + Smoothstack 

In 2024, spending on digital transformation is projected to reach $2.5 trillion, according to Statista. What exactly are businesses hoping to achieve with that investment?  ServiceNow’s Technology Excellence Handbook covers digital transformation in a practical sense. It looks at IT’s business priorities and objectives, and offers real-world examples of how it’s customers have utilized ServiceNow… Read More »

AI Talent Hiring Trends: What to Know for 2024 

Elon Musk recently proclaimed artificial intelligence “one of the most disruptive forces in history.” While Musk’s controversial prediction that AI will eventually eliminate all jobs is up for debate, what isn’t in question is the urgent need for AI talent right now.  The current AI use cases across the business world run the gamut, from… Read More »

A Veteran’s Take: Redefining Modern IT Careers

The crippling talent shortage. A severe supply and demand imbalance. The breakneck pace of innovation. The pressure to digitally transform. These aren’t just the challenges keeping CIOs up at night – they are the driving forces behind the redefinition of the modern IT employee.  In large part because of these trends, many of today’s IT… Read More »

How to Harness the Power of Data Management 

The speed with which data is created online is difficult to fathom. Every minute online, there are 5.9 million Google searches, 66,000 Instagram photos are uploaded, and 231.4 million emails sent. According to some estimates, more than 2.5 quintillions of data are created each day. Yes, that’s quintillion, as in, 18 zeroes. All of those… Read More »

Is a Digital Skills Gap Holding Financial Services Back?

How upskilling, reskilling and hire-train-deploy can help employers in finance transform their digital workforce Rapid digital transformation, security challenges and competitive pressure have put financial services behind the eight ball. Technology (and disruptors) are reshaping the banking industry — and customer expectations. Financial services no longer simply need an IT department that supports day-to-day desktop… Read More »

Supercharge Your Data: The Benefits of Hiring Databricks Experts

In an increasingly data-driven world, organizations can’t compete unless they’re equipped to effectively sift through huge amounts of data, understand it, and leverage it for growth. The opportunity, to put it mildly, is massive. According to Forrester, up to 73% of company data goes unused for analytics and decision-making.   This is a significant issue, especially… Read More »

How to Close the Digital Skills Gap

Three ways to gain the tech skills your business needs to complete projects and stop falling behind. You can’t miss the persistent headlines and LinkedIn posts about it. Almost 60% of employers say not having the right-skilled digital talent has a significant impact on their business. (It’s 73% in financial services!) And of those employers:… Read More »